True women’s empowerment

Because there are limited opportunities in China’s rural areas, there is currently is a huge influx of migration to the large cities, where inequality is rampant and work opportunities are limited.

Unfortunately, experience in exploitative situations and a lack of basic education are common situations for many Chinese women. Many employers in China do not find it worthwhile to invest in disadvantaged women, and a good, stable job that honors each women’s full potential can be incredibly difficult to find.

Just as tea slowly reveals its inherent qualities as it steeps, Tranquil Tuesdays believes that providing Chinese women from disadvantaged backgrounds with steady employment, vocational and life skills training, and a network of support will encourage them to discover their full and abundant potential.

With the social enterprise framework, we seek to be a model for women’s empowerment projects and demonstrate that companies can be a solution to pressing social issues while creating inspired, value-based luxury goods.
Tranquil Tuesdays partners with Chinese NGOs and social enterprises to hire, train, and support disadvantaged local women. We offer mentorship and training, allowing our employees to learn about and experience each dimension of our business. In our steady, supportive, and challenging work environment, we continue to see these women grow and flourish.

Tranquil Tuesdays also seeks to support women-owned and operated businesses whenever possible. From our photographer to our gift wrap paper supplier, we’re thrilled to be able to partner with local women in our business practices.

We make an effort to partner with women-owned and operated businesses for all our business operations/needs.

We work with women owned and operated tea gardens, female tea producers, women teaware artists, and any Chinese women we can support and cooperate with along our supply chain. Currently these women include our packaging designer, photographer for our catalog, and the producers of our Pu’er and Tie Guan Yin (Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong) tea types.

Spotlight on Xiao Zhang

Tranquil Tuesdays Inventory and Beijing Retail Accounts Manager

Xiao Zhang is from rural Heilongjiang (NE China) and after finishing middle school she went to a nearby city looking for work and worked as a waitress for a while.  She married, had a son Du Jinrui, and then they all moved to Beijing in 2007 in search of more opportunities.

Handing out flyers on the street was Xiao Zhang’s first job in Beijing where she was making below a livable wage while her husband worked as a construction contractor.  They decided the newly arrived migrant worker life was too difficult while taking care of a young son, so following a familiar migrant worker pattern, they sent Du Jinrui back to the countryside village to be taken care of by his grandparents.

Xiao Zhang then started working as a housekeeper for various families where she made decent money but worked long and irregular hours, her income was not particularly stable, and she was still apart from her son.  She wanted to find out a way to have their family living together that was also economically sustainable.

A friend introduced Xiao Zhang to Tranquil Tuesdays so she joined in January as the Inventory and Beijing Retail Accounts Manager.  Now Du Jinrui is with his parents and enrolled in public school in Beijing.  As well as managing our inventory and retail accounts in Beijing, Tranquil Tuesdays has sponsored Xiao Zhang to take regular English language lessons and her completion of basic and intermediate tea certification courses.

Xiao Zhang’s flourishing as our Inventory and Beijing Retail Accounts Manager reinforces Tranquil Tuesdays’ belief that given the proper training, support, and encouragement any woman can live up to her potential and work in a job that showcases her innate talents.

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