Celadon Hand-Pinched Cups

20110708_TRANQUIL TUESDAYS_010220110708_TRANQUIL TUESDAYS_013420110708_TRANQUIL TUESDAYS_018020110708_TRANQUIL TUESDAYS_0198Celadon Hand-Pinched Cups before and after firing in the kiln

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Our hand-crafted celadon hand-pinched cups is our bestselling teaware item, with it is elegant, delicate and unique finish of the cup rim.  Perfect for hot tea, iced tea, and really just about any beverage you want to infuse a sense of refinement into.  Comes as a set of two in our standard gift box.

Also see these tea cups in our Celadon Hand-pinched Cup Gift Set and the Celadon Teapot with Celadon Hand-pinched Cup Gift Set.

“I have enjoyed drinking my morning coffee out of my pinched celadon teacup — it cools quickly to the perfect temperature before I have to rush off into the morning hustle and bustle of Beijing.” –Fiona, Australia