Qimen (Keemun) Black Tea

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Hints of chocolate, smokey elements, and velvety finish.

Wonderfully rich and robust, Tranquil Tuesdays’ Qimen (Keemun) Black Tea is unlike any other black tea you’ve ever tasted. Perfect for a moment of indulgence, our Qimen Black Tea is entirely seductive and will leave you wondering why you’ve been settling for anything else.

“I have had four cups of Qimen tea over the weekend; plain or with milk but no sugar. They were all good with 余甘。 I liked it! Thank you.” –Ruby, USA

Enjoy two teaspoons of Tranquil Tuesdays’ Qimen (Keemun) Black Tea with one cup (about 8oz or 250mL) of filtered or spring water at 100 C/ 212 F. Steep Qimen Black Tea for up to three minutes, lengthening the steeping time with each subsequent infusion. Experiment and adjust according to your own preferences and taste.

From Qimen, Anhui | For more about where our teas originate from, view our sourcing map here.