*unfortunately we are no longer selling tea on our website*

Personally sourced from historical tea-producing regions all throughout China, Tranquil Tuesdays’ tea collection spans the rich diversity of China’s tea varieties and flavors.

For globally sophisticated travelers, Tranquil Tuesdays invites you to discover and taste the richness of one of China’s most celebrated ancient traditions with a sip of revelatory Chinese tea.

Watch a clip of Tranquil Tuesdays founder Charlene Wang working with one of our partner producers during harvest time on CBS Sunday Morning:

Tranquil Tuesdays is a Beijing-based social enterprise dedicated to showcasing the diversity of China’s finest teas. We travel all throughout rural China, personally sourcing China’s full range of pure teas from small family-owned farms.

By revealing authentic Chinese tea culture, we are inviting new audiences to experience a revelatory a moment of tranquility–the ultimate luxury that Chinese culture has celebrated for centuries.

Want a more tranquil life? Let us show you how Chinese tea culture and traditions can help steep your life in tranquil beauty:

Revealing Ancient Traditions of Luxury Tea in China

As the original land of tea, tea is deeply ingrained into the history of China. Because China’s best teas rarely leave the country, quality Chinese tea is too often overlooked simply because it’s unfamiliar. That’s why Tranquil Tuesdays’ tea collection is designed to facilitate discovering China’s teas in a simple, enriching, and inviting way.

China produces the full range of tea: white, green, yellow, oolong, black, and pu’er. Even though the Chinese tea industry is vast, it is still rooted in regionally specialized, small-scale practices. The majority of China’s teas come from small family-owned farms, where hand-picking and hand-processing pure teas has been the family business for generations.

Showcasing China’s Diverse and Unique Tea Production Heritage

Tranquil Tuesdays travels throughout rural China to personally source all of our teas from small family-owned farms. We work directly with the families who grow, pick, and handcraft our teas, and we visit often to be able to source in small, fresh batches.

Additionally, Tranquil Tuesdays is committed to the importance of provenance. Honoring the traditions of high quality tea craftsmanship, each of our teas comes from its region of historical growing origin linked to its distinctive flavor, or terroir. We are committing to showcasing unblended and unscented teas, allowing you the chance to discover the rich and exciting taste of a tea’s natural harvest.